Contributing Photographers

Mr Isaac Brown

BPhoto (Hons)

Isaac Brown is a lecturer in Photography at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. His work is visual research using photo documentary as a means of investigation. Research areas have been based on place, family and social justice. Isaac has worked on projects with the Museum of Brisbane and the Qld Government and has exhibited work nationally and internationally. Isaac is involved in photojournalism field trips with Griffith University. These link students up with non-government agencies to work on real world projects.

Georgia Laughton

Georgia is a (currently) Melbourne-based freelance photographer who is passionate about photography, the environment and art. After completing a Diploma of Visual Arts with a double major (photography and painting) in 2004 she has continually worked as a photographer in a variety of studios in Melbourne. In 2004 Georgia opened her own North Fitzroy studio, Logicbunnny Photography, which specialised in pin-up zombies. She continues to work as a freelance photographer, shooting a wide range of styles and subjects. Georgia combines professionalism and pride in her work with a quirky sense of humour. In addition to her photography, Georgia is an active visual artist who has exhibited her works since 2003 in Melbourne and throughout Victoria – artwork can be seen at: